A Word About Your Photos

Your Photos

A picture really DOES say a thousand words so, if you get your photos right, not only will you attract more attention to your listings, you will make your pages look more attractive. If you get the physical size right, your pages will load a lot faster too.

During the update process we noticed a few things about your photos on the site and came up with some great tips to help make your photos stand out from the crowd and make your listing pages load much, much quicker at the same time.

Please read these few simple tips to glorify your listings and make the user’s site experience a dream, instead of a boring nightmare.


I know that phones are easier to hold in the portrait fashion, but, photos almost always look better in landscape mode. There is a reason why TV’s are landscape, computer screens are landscape and tablets are landscape oriented. It has been a long proven fact that your photos will always look better in landscape mode. If you can’t get the whole subject into your photo, try standing back if you can and just get more in the picture rather than hold your camera in the Portrait position. Sure in portrait you will get in what you are trying to see, but you would see much more by stepping back a little and keeping your photos in landscape mode.

Physical Size

These days, most phones take HUGE photos and modern cameras create massive photos, neither of which are much use on a website. These photos are great if you want to print your photos for display on a wall, not great if all you want to do is present nice images on a website.

The average photo from a decent phone will be about 4MB in size, and a camera would be about 8 to 10 MB in size, these photos if uploaded to any website would take many seconds to load, even on a fast connection. Whereas, if you can shrink the size of your photo before uploading, would display in a fraction of a second, again helping your users view your listing pages easily, no matter what kind of connection they have.

Most people view websites these days on phones and tablets, another reason to make your photos physically smaller as the display size needed is very small indeed.

The best photo size in pixels for any website is about 800 X 450 and the physical size in Megabytes should not exceed 1MB, and if you can shrink it down more, you will get excellent web results with images as small as 200K .

In order to quickly achieve these sizes, especially for the physical size is to use an online tool to shrink your pictures before upload. TinyPNG is a great site where you can do this, and better still, it is totally FREE!

What does TinyPNG do?

TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG and JPG files. By selectively decreasing the number of colors in the image, fewer bytes are required to store the data. The effect is nearly invisible but it makes a very large difference in file size!

Why should I use TinyPNG?

TinyPNG is useful because it’s the only widely supported format that can store partially transparent images. The format uses compression, but the files can still be large. Use TinyPNG to shrink images for your apps and web site’s pages. It will use less bandwidth and load a LOT faster.



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