Youtube Videos In Your Listings

Having Youtube video in your listings is one of the very best things you can do. If you have time, why not give it a try. These days many young people use YouTube to search for almost everything

Video can and will bring more attention to your listings. Google will rank your listings higher and your audience will be more engaged.

If you manage to produce great video your potential students can have a walk though of your property before coming to view, saving everyone a lot of time.

Creating video these days is not difficult. All you need as a small camera capable of recording HD video. Even a GoPro camera will do the job. There are even videos on YouTube showing how to make great property videos.

Here’s one to have a look at now: How To Shoot Property Youtube Tutorial

Saves Everyone Lots Of Time
Video will let your students know exactly what they are to expect when they come to view your property.
Top Ranking Google Searches
Google owns YouTube, so it stands to reason, any listing with video included will get higher rankings in searches.
More Engaging Content
Users are more inclined to stay on your page if you can engage them with an interesting video
Linking Is Easy
Once uploaded, all you need to do is add the share link to your listings and your video will appear on your page
If you get stuck adding video to your listings, we are here to help. Contact us!
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