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You do not actually need to sign in or be a member to view any of the properties.

You can just click the X to close the box. However, if you do sign in you will then gain extra functions such as being able to contact the landlords and agents directly using the quick contact box in the listing. The landlord will then get a stored copy of your message in his inbox on the site. Your message will also be sent to his ordinary email address with the contents of your message.

Your Inbox

You can also see and keep a copy of all your messages your send and have received via the system within your account, really great for keeping track of the properties you have enquired about.

Add To Your Favorites

Also, as a registered user will enable you to add your favourite properties to your account for quick retrieval later, a very useful feature when analysing many properties!

Your Privacy Matters To Us

We promise not to email you with any junk or pass your details on to ANYONE! We value your privacy totally!

When your membership expires your properties will be removed from the website. In order to maintain your presence on the site you should ensure your membership stays current. Our system will try to authorize recurring payments via paypal, but you can and already may have cancelled this within your PayPal account.

We will notify you 3 times by email before your membership actually expires. This should give you ample time to decide what to do. You
Yes You Can
If you choose the free 14 day membership you can advertise one property for 14 days at a time. Once the 14 days have lapsed your property or spare room will be deleted and you will need to sign up again for another membership in order to re-list your property.

You can sign up as many times as you like but you may find our £39 one year membership much more convenient.
We have restricted the maximum and the minimum size of the photos you can upload. This is because we want to present the best possible website experience to all our users. By having photos big enough to display your property correctly and at the same time not being too big to slow down the site, we think this represents the best compromise

Use to shrink your photos

Before uploading we recommend using the website This site will reduce the physical size of your photos while retaining excellent quality. This will make your listing pages load really fast without compromising the photo quality.

Photo Sizes

The optimum photo size in pixels for any website is about 400 X 225 and the physical size in Megabytes should never exceed 1MB. You will still get excellent quality results with great looking photos even when your photos are as small as 100K . Great looking photos can still be achieved when your photos are even as low as 50KB in size. So, the best size in KB you should be aiming for if you can is between 20 and 50KB and the size in pixels should be about 400 X 225. These sizes are plenty big enough for most devices people use nowadays.

Not a problem!

If the features you are looking to tick from our selection lists are not there, just drop us a line via the contact forms and if your request is reasonable we will add it to the system for you.

If we have missed something useful, we will be happy to include all reasonable requests to have any alterations made to the website.

Landlords can always include ALL features in the description of a property. Infact, here landlords are able to give much more detail about the desirable features in a property and since all the text is searchable, all these features will appear in any searches made by anyone looking for particular attributes in a property.